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    How do we use web 2.0 tools to support on going assessment


      Hi Everyone,


      Introduced web 2.0 tools in creating a product to support creativity of our students. I also utililized web 2.0 tools for peer review and noticed that the output of the students are more improved that using first generation web toools. I am thinking now to make a presentation on as educators "how do we use web 2.0 in assessing student outcomes.


      Hope to hear your best practice on using web 2.0 for assessment

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          Amelia - have you looked at the assessments in Assessing Projects? I think you might find some assessments that support what you are looking for. 


          Web 2.0 tools have made it easier to have an electronic portfolio of student work - which over time shows student progress.  In addition since work done using a web 2.0 tool can be easily shared I have used them as a place for students to share assignments and get feedback from peers on their progress and many times self-assess there work. 


          Are these the ideas that you were looking for? I would love to what you put together after getting insight from others.

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            Idea-Remember that feeling you had the first time you let the students help you design the rubric that would be used for an upcoming project? Well, if you haven't tried this or haven't done it in awhile I have an idea to enhance this activity using 2.0.


            Imagine that you begin a rubric in a wiki or a shared document (like Google docs) and then allow students to visit and actually add their ideas to the rubric and assist with modifications, scoring details, descriptors, formatting, etc.  When the rubric planning activity is over, instead of the teacher typing up the ideas into a scoring guide, the instrument will already be designed and can be printed and used from that source.



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              Amelia, using  Web 2.0 tools can take many forms.  First, there are the Google Docs that are used for collaboration and communication.  There are sites such as animoto where students can "create videos".  Voicethread is another Web 2.0 tool that teachers have access to that allow students to create, share and get comments from others about a Digital Story.  Wallwisher is an "electronic parking lot" where students can leave anonymous responses to a teacher's question.  You also have the Thinking with Technology tools that are some of the best around for doing all of the above.


              I have had several conversations with teachers and administrators concerning cell phones, etc in the classroom.  Understand that I am against wholesale use of the cell phone in the classroom, but the main knock against them is that students will cheat on tests.  If that is the case, then we need to find a way to utilize the cell phone for assessment.  Many of the same people who are against using the cell are the same ones that give one test at the end of a unit.  My response to them is that they must start doing different types of assessments throughout a unit.  Let the students create something to show what they have learned.  Let them make a presentation of some sort.  We must get past the pencil and paper test at the end of every unit.


              I am always interested in learning what types of assessments other teachers are using in their classrooms.  What types of Web 2.0 assessments are you currently using in your classroom.