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    Classroom Challenge – Innovative technologies – Storytelling with Green Screening - January 2015


      What is green screening? Green screening or Chroma key layering is a technique for combining two still images or video frames. Chroma editing is a special effects technique for layering images.  It can be used to remove backgrounds from a subject, photograph or video.  The color in the top layer can be made transparent revealing a different image behind.

      Creating videos using green screening will allow you to superimpose characters onto virtual backgrounds, place them over animated digital backdrops, transport them to a desert oasis, exotic blue waters in the Caribbean or a specific time in history. Visual effects can be used to have characters travel to the moon, stand in front of the Eiffel tower,  talk to animals,  visit the Egyptian pyramids or go up, up, up and away flying through the clouds like super heroes.


      Although you can use any color, green is used most often because of contrast and it is easiest for the more modern cameras.  It is a less commonly worn clothing color making it unlikely for the clothes to be invisible on the green screen.   Therefore green clothes should not be worn if using a green screen backdrop during videotaping.


      What will you need?  A green background, a source of bright, even lighting, and a tripod to lock your camcorder or recording device in place.   Green screens can be created by using green materials from a fabric shop, painting poster board green to be used as background or by using Green screen apps which is this month’s classroom challenge.   Before starting this journey, it is important that students map their stories to determine characters, settings and other relative information.  October’s Classroom Challenge, https://engage.intel.com/message/136721#136721, offers a variety of options for story mapping. They can create and scan their own art work or draw and cut out character for use. 


      Storytelling with Green Screening


      Do ink






      VeeScope Live - Free

      VeeScope Full - 2.99


      iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Androids

      iPhone and iPad iPod Touch, Androids


      Add Photos or Movies from your camera roll to use as backgrounds.

      Move images sources around on timeline

      Combine up to 3 image sources at a time

      Trim video on timeline

      Add photos or movies from camera roll to use as backgrounds.

      Include 20 backgrounds movie and photos.

      Record in real-time to a QuickTime movie.

      Remove unwanted areas from the screen


      iOS 6.0 or later

      iOS 6.0 or later


      80.4 MB

      80.5 MB











      With prompts, video, images, text, etc., green screening apps can be used to create commercials, stories and a variety of visual learning projects to demonstrate understanding of a concept taught.   If you are interested in learning more about green screen, you can download the VeeScope live version to explore in more detail.  If you are not sure how to use green screening to create videos, watch the tutorials or create an assignment for your students to let them have fun while they demonstrate understanding of the content you taught.  If additional help is still needed, watch Deb’s chat to learn more.  I challenge you in January to empower your students.  Encourage them to think beyond the classroom.  Teach them to evaluate, analyze and create a green screening video to tell a story, to analyze a concept or identify a local memorial and explain its existence.  Celebrate your students’ success by returning to this thread and sharing their work and the assignment that lead to their artifact!