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    2015 Wearable Technology The Digital Buzz Radio Show



      The January Digital Buzz radio show is all about 2015 wearable tech and the learning impact for students and teachers in k-12 education. Click here to listen to The Digital Buzz radio show: 2015 Wearable Technology | The Digital Buzz | Spreaker


      Did you receive a wearable tech device for the holidays- if so can you share your latest and greatest gadget and share how it helps you to be more productive or efficient with your daily life?

      Wearable technologies and their uses for education mentioned in this broadcast: Smart Watches, VRG (Virtual Reality Gaming), Google Glass, GoPro Cameras, and digital wristbands as activity trackers.

      Could Wearable Tech Play A Role In Connected Education?

      The Teacher's Guide To Wearable Tech In The Classroom | Edudemic

      BBC News - Wick's wearable technology contest 'a Scottish first'

      Will Kids Adopt Smart Watches Before Their Parents

      Beyond Gaming, the VR boom is Everywhere

      VR Will Change Education

      Teachers GuideTo Google Glass in Education

      New Google Glass Coming in 2015 with an Intel Chip- YAE!!!

      Google Glass in Class

      GoPro in The Classroom

      Using the GoPro Camera as a Teaching Tool

      GoPro Camera Projects

      Best Wrist Band Activity Trackers

      Wristbands Help Automate Online Gym Class

      MICA, My Intelligent Communications Accessory (Intel Smart Band)


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