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    Meshing Game Based Learning With Project Based Learning: Can It Work?

      Project-based learning has essential components that make it unique to other models of instruction, such as public audience, voice and choice, driving questions, and teaching and assessing 21st-century skills. PBL requires that all of these components be present in a truly great "main-course project."


      Similarly, game-based learning has elements that make it unique, even in its many implementation methods. GBL can look like gamification, where game elements such as quests and incentives are used to make the unit of instruction into a game of sorts. GBL can also look like using games for instructional purposes, such as the popular Minecraft or even Angry Birds, to support student learning. Many educators may wonder how they can leverage GBL practices within a PBL project and combine them to form a powerful learning experience. It is possible, but only with careful combination and intentional implementation.


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          Hi Poonam ,

          Your query calls for an affirmation because from my own experience learning is actually more fun when it is based on games.

          If we look at the nature of small children for them the essence is play .

          Play  when structured and objective oriented with focused learning outcomes becomes Activity Based Learning giving a progressive development of the child's learning.

          Games are fundamental to learning  whatever be the approach as Games leads to the development of Thinking, Social and Emotional skills.

          Games are engaging, interesting as they challenge the player with different levels of Problem solving.

          There is critical thinking in making the right moves. It engages the Human mind and eventually brings a sense of complete satisfaction when you win the game.

          If you dont win you keep trying to achieve. Besides looking at games in isolation  , it is time for all of us to look at the learning that can be taken from Games

          . I am an ardent player of games like Angry Birds, it has a great relation to angle elevation ( Physics) every time you take a shot.

          Look at Candy Crush , the very essence of learning by patterns (Mathematics )and finding sequences, sorting is there in Candy crush. You must have experienced the thrill when you strike with a Candy Bomb. To add to it the thrill of your personal satisfaction in a self paced learning! ( Emotional Skills, Self Esteem ,Confidence)

          That is growth ! If at my age  I enjoy  all these games ,there is need to engage our young learners to learn through and with gaming.Have you played the Maze Game . Play it and say what approach to learning it is related with . See you next time

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            Meshing games based and project based learning can be the best of both worlds if implemented with fidelity.  Projects should be structured to support the curriculum with authentic tasks and focused on higher order thinking.   The activities should engage students in research and analyzing the data to make predictions.  Rubrics should be created and students should be encouraged to provide thoughtful responses when responding to gaming activities.