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    All universities must have grades, semesters from 2015 - 16 orders UGC


      In a move that will benefit lakhs of students and impact over 400 universities across the country, the University Grants Commission has mandated the introduction of grading system from 2015-16. It has directed universities to standardize their examinations and follow a semester pattern in curriculum.

      The regulatory body has directed universities to introduce the choice-based credit system (CBCS) and credit framework for skill development (CFSD). Currently, some universities follow the credit system for courses at different levels.


      Under CBCS, students will pursue three types of courses - foundation, elective and core. Students must pursue core subjects every semester, and can pick electives from a pool of subjects unrelated to their disciplines.

      The foundation courses may be of two kinds - compulsory and elective. Compulsory courses, mandatory for all disciplines, help students gain knowledge. Elective courses are value based.

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      All universities must have grades, semesters, orders UGC - The Times of India