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    'Learning and Assessment'-- how can be gelled?


      Over the years learning has been happening and so is Assessment. But the the approach taken in for doing the  assessment never ever focused on understanding the learning curve. Rather it was designed and implemented to make few students succeed and many made to think what went wrong. Today there is an ongoing discussions on Assessment techniques, how to assess, what to assess etc -etc. But still one find there is some GAP in understanding of Assessment as a process and technique. For this simple reason CCE-- talking about assessment as a process never took off in its true nature.


      Here is link Assessment For Learning - YouTube which provides a simple yet very effective insight in making some thoughts clear on assessment and the more important question--'Why Assess?'

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          I agree with you Anoop , No Assessment is complete without Learning happening and vice versa no learning can be measured without Assessment , however the two will meet their marriage in the identifying of concepts , drawing out of learning outcomes and the instructional strategies used to bring the level to the level where learning actually is observable and measurable . The planning of our lessons should happen knowing the learning outcomes and what we want to assess discussing right in the beginning rather than making a question paper in isolation at the en . Learners need to know the purpose of what they are learning and what they are going to be assessed for . Therefore  Learning and assessment are the tesimony  for each other .