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    Make your pitch for Intel-Inside Tech, and win your own!


      Kick off 2015 with some great to tech...an Intel 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet device of your choice to be exact!

      To complete this activity:

      1. Imagine yourself as an Educator Ambassador for Intel at a major tech conference, like Bett or CES, tasked with providing an ed tech product demonstration at the booth.
      2. Choose an Intel-Inside product featured on a Web site.
      3. Demonstrate how it could be a valuable classroom tool or how you would use it in the classroom specifically by writing a quick narrative scenario you would pitch to conference attendees explaining how you would integrate the product in your instruction. --or--
      4. Record a video or podcast of yourself giving the conference pitch, and post that in your reply to this thread (note: you will need to upload your A/V content to a hosting site, such as YouTube or Vimeo, in order to share. The community platform does not allow for direct upload of the source media).

      Note: This drawing is closed. Please feel free to continue sharing your ideas, but note that the opportunity to win the prize has ended.

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          Can you believe the amount of amazing ed tech products at this conference?  If all of our students had access to these tools, they would be much more prepared for their future careers.  This Intel 2 in 1 Razor-Thin Laptop Meets Ultra-Fast Tablet is the perfect tool for students in a 21st Century classroom.  My students just produced animated videos on Plotagon, and it took them forever to type up their scripts, because my students have very little keyboarding skills. However they are pros at smart devices so the Intel 2 in 1 is the perfect pairing to get them keyboarding practice but still keep them on a device they enjoy and are familiar with. Plus, the speed is 7.6x faster than other laptops, which is great because my students and I have little patience when we are excited about projects and our computers can't keep up.  The other day, my students were attempting to read a text on Scholastic Storia, and it took so long to load on our computers that they ended up running out of time.  Talk about a waste of instructional time!  Also, my students always forget to turn off the computers or devices they are using, so I am incredibly frustrated when we pull out a tech tool and the battery is dead, but these 2 in 1 tools have double the battery life!  We can now do all the things we love in the classroom, longer! The Intel 2 in 1 is truly the best of both worlds!

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            Designing Products Responsibly.

            If you are looking for products to use for education, you want to make sure you use a product that is designed responsibly for our planet. We want to be a role model for our future generations.

            Corporate Responsibly.

            We have a vision for a better future.

            • At Intel, innovation begins in the classroom.
            • if you want to be part of it, the the 2 in 1 has maximum versatility which is great for classroom use. Students will be inspired by the new design and the colors they can choose from. Fast performance will give students the possibility to use the 2 in one for multimedia: photo editing and video will enrich your daily class routine.
            • Intel is committed to education and Intel Engage will give you the support you need to give you the success you are working for.
            • Watch your students integrate the 2 in 1 in their daily learning experience, you will be amazed.
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              getimageI'm excited to tell you about the BioSport In-Ear Ear Bud with Heart Monitor. This incredible device includes biometrics technology from Intel. I'm sure you can imagine benefits for both students and teachers. These Ear Buds pair with the free Runtastic app available for Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows Phone. I read the ChipChick.com review that explains how data from these Ear Buds is similar to what is obtained from the blood pressure cuff your nurse uses. I enjoy regenerating after a day at school by riding my bike. These Ear Buds provide needed information to validate my excercise.

              I teach middle school science. My core asks students to identify how exercise is related to the use of energy. Previously students would check their heart rate to show the influence of exercise. Using a few of these Ear Buds in the classroom allows all students to take turns exercising and seeing how their blood pressure changes with exercise.

              You mentioned teaching middle school math. How would using these Ear Buds engage your students and help them learn math content?

              Image source: http://shop-media.intel.com/api/v2/helperservice/getimage?url=http://inishop.com/img/norm/high/25395950-1222.jpg

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                So.....who attends CES or BETT?? Usually the tech oriented teacher at a school and what are they craving?? Tools that will assist them in increasing the adoption of technology by their staff and therefore their students!


                So.....what Intel based product does that? Well, I think it's hard to limit to just one... sowhat about an imaginary Ed tech leaders pack??




                -WidiEquipped Large Screen TV

                - Intel Compute Stick

                - Microsoft Surface Pro 3

                - Intel Galileo Board

                - Intel Teach Elements Facilitator Kit


                Reasoning (The Sell):


                The WiDi can transform old LED TVs and Projectors to enable wireless display. This would enable the effective evolution of collaboration and Problem Based Learning in the classroom as students and the teacher can share their content easily with the class and with lockout mode the teacher can demonstrate technical and other learning skills. WiDi a perfect 1:1 companion!


                The Compute Stick can take the above a step further and once again transform a static television into a fully featured computer. This low cost device is perfect ina environment where teachers do not have access to a mobile computer orPC in their classroom and will open up the opportunity to collaborate with the world, inspire, motivate and engage with awesome new content.


                The Surface Pro 3 makes the transition from desktop to touch device so much easier. With the familiarity of Windows and Office, enhanced by the awesome Windows 8 Interface and lightning speed of the i5 or i7 Intel Processor, the Surface Pro 3 when loaned to staff open their eyes to the tactile world of computing! Loaded withpersonal professional learning apps such as FlipBoard and learning Apps linked to their key learning area as well as the 365suite of Online Office Apps, the Widi in their room will get a workout and there will be no turning back


                But what about those teachers who are ready for something new and students who desire the opportunity to make and create? The Galileo Board will add or begin the maker space and reengage both students and teachers who think the PowerPoint is so 2013!


                The Glue:


                And what is the glue that puts a framework around the introduction and integration of these devices and technologies? The Intel Teach Elements course! With a focus on the coordinated introduction of Technology for Learning through Collaboration and Problem Based Learning, there is no chance this tech will gather dust and the order books will surely get a workout!!


                Now.......back to reality!

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                  is whay learning virtualisasi linux for pc windows

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                    This thread was inadvertently locked-apologies! We will extend the deadline to March 10th given that snafu.

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                      Thinking about studying ,many students feel bored .But with  Intel 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet devices,students feel more cool , advanced and fashionable.The 2 in 1s have  Intel® Core™ M processor which offers both, in a multi-purpose laptop-tablet package. Students will enjoy speeds up to 7.6x faster4, and graphics up to 7x better5 than older laptops, so students will do their activities in  less time without waiting .They can enjoy having more time doing what they  love.They can enjoy doing outdoor activities and learning trips with a battery life that is up to 2x longer.Students get Tired of carrying multiple devices; now they will have 2 in one which, of course, will mean less money..They will have fun  in lifelike Ultra HD videos, up to 4x the pixels of full HD.So students will study with fun using Intel 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet devices

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                             Hello there. Distinguished friends. My name is Carol Dickson. I have been an educator of he deaf and Hard of hearing for 30 years.  I have used some form of technology in my classroom for almost the same amount of time. Early on in my teaching career I made a decision that my teaching had to be such that would usher my students with hearing disabilities into the computing age. 

                        Over the years I have worked with students with all levels of hearing loss, different grade levels, different modes of communication, and different amounts of parent involvement.  Throughout my years of experience I have come to know, that if I do not expose my students to the future of technology, they might never understand or become aware of what technology can do to enhance their lives.

                              I have always been a Star Trek fan, and one of the coolest inventions in the Star Trek world was the Halo imaging devices.  I always thought what a cool tool it would be to use a halo deck to teach about far away lands, or past ages. That has always been on the dream list.

                             In education, especially in a smaller sized class, field trips are difficult if they are not within walking distance. School buses are expensive to pay for, and my classroom budget is usually around $200 dollars a year.  If I had access to a holo deck, wow, what learning could go on. After learning about the Pilgrims coming over on a ship, students could actually walk around inside the ship, talk to one of those pilgrim children, see the cramped settings, and feel the waves.  We could actually stop in the ship introduce new vocabulary by labeling things. We could enhance expressive language by discussing feelings, successes, and failures in such a way that the students begin to internalize what it must have been like to live that experience. How much more they could talk and write about when they have had the Halo-experience



                        Through out my years with hearing impaired students I know that language both written and spoken needs to be developed in all subject areas. A way to help that along is through experiences. I use technology throughout the day to have my students experience things that are outside of their daily lives. All that technology, right now, is 2 dimensional. Bringing the outside world into the classroom in a three dimensional interactive way would allow my students the chance to EXPERIENCE, in our classroom, a 3-D world. I would be able help students learn the language for what is happening, and help them learn how to express themselves in written, and oral/signed format.



                        Let me give you an example: we are studying a unit titles. RULEs AND LAWS in my world



                             I am using this unit with a 3/4 class.We are doing a comparison study of rules/ laws in our living world and rules/ laws in a game world.  If I could use the Halo technology to bring to life ideas concerning Rules and laws and integrate the laws in our society/classroom into the game then the kids would really learn how important the laws and rules are, what they are, and why they were created. Students would be engaged, and would be able to actively walk through the comparisons of the two worlds.  Just the thought of all the language and creative out-of-the-box thinking that would happen with the use of the Halo imaging just spins my mind with joy. Students could take their writing throw it up into the air for all to see and then do a group edit. How cool would that be!!



                        I know Halo technology is just in its infancy, but the implications for education are mind boggling! 

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                          Because Intel Education offer gateway through knowledge for teachers and students worldwide and many educators around the world have completed Intel Teach Courses where they learn to teach the students using technology we see that many Big Companies are really involved to bring creativity and innovation in XXI Century Education . I was honored to be selected 1st GlogsterEdu Ambssador from Romania http://gate.glogster.com/#trainings who was invited to join Intel Teach Essentials Training Course in Prague in 2012 where I learn many useful things from Ollie Bray who was for me a brilliant trainer there  Blog:Research,Curation;Top 10 tools in Education http://lucianecurator.contently.com/: My reflections after #prgessentia…

                          After this course I continue to use more social media in teaching and learning and today I am curator, social media manager and Erasmus Plus Trainer for Euneos Finland  http://www.euneos.eu/people-2 and we organize all of kind of Erasmus Plus KA 1 Courses http://www.euneoscourses.eu/ starting with TSP Courses ( Tablets changing the way to learn and teach ) and Social Media Master Class, Curation and for all this courses you need a device to join and for this reason dear teacher I recommand you Intel 2-in-1  Laptop/ tablet device .

                          laptop-5b.png  This device is perfect for our courses because you can download  all the apps to try in TSP Tablet Courses because is it a portable tablet and in the same time you have the possibillity to use this device as a laptop in Social Media Master Class Curation and in other courses . This is the best device because you can use it also in your school with your students as a power laptop and in the same time when you go home you can use as fun tablet. I recommand you Intel 2-in-1 Laptop/ tablet device because offer a Peak PerformancMaximum versatility for working and playing on the go, amazing battery life . At the heart of a powerful 2 in 1 is an emazing Intel Procesor .

                          With all this features I think that Intel 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet device is a awesome device for teachers and students and I recommand you with elation if you want to discover and use new technologies in XXI Century Education with students .

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