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    Educational Learning  That Gamified eLearning


      Class Dojo


      ClassDojo is a cloud-based classroom management tool that helps teachers incentivize good behavior through gamification. Students design their own monster-esque (but cute monster) avatars that are publicly displayed in the system.

      Teachers can then assign points and rewards to students’ avatars to encourage good behavior, participation, and meeting learning objectives, as well as report disruptive behavior. Some common awards/badges include:

      • Helping others
      • On Task
      • Participating
      • Persistence
      • Teamwork
      • Working hard


      In an era when over a million students drop out of high school every year and workplaces suffer from contagious, chronic disengagement, getting people to invest in their own learning is of paramount importance.


      These examples represent only a small handful of the countless ways businesses and institutions can combine the power of modern IT with time-tested game science to enhance their teaching strategies. Yes, gamification can make learning fun, but it’s bigger than that. With the right support and strategy, it can make learning important.


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