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    Are you using a Learning Management System with your Students?


      Learning management systems(LMS) have gained popularity in recent years.  Initially these environments were used to support online learning. Now with districts going to 1:1 or BYOD many are also adopting an LMS to support face-to-face instruction in addition to online, blended and flipped classrooms.  What used to be a limited selection of choices has now grown into many choices.  A few systems are:


      What LMS are you using with your students?  Is it one of the ones listed or is it another option?  What are the tools and features that you utilize the most to support your instruction?  Would you recommend your LMS to others?  why or why not?

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          We started using Moodle several years ago. I soon learned many of the teachers in my building considered it too difficult to use with their students. I have access to Canvas and like many aspects of how it works. I've learned students are sometimes challenged to know how to upload material for assignments into Canvas. My district adopted Google Apps for Education so I was thrilled when Classroom came out. I thought it would be simple (like most Google apps.) The student and staff email accounts are on different domains and do not communicate using Classroom. I, therefore, look forward to ideas from other Intel Engage members regarding the LMS they use most and why it works well.

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            Hi Julia!


            I've been an Edmodo user for many years now, and have always been a fan.  I love the features of easy communication, notifications via text message, and the integration with many of our other tools in the district such as Google Docs.  My only true negative statement about it is the constant social teacher posts that come in on top of my classroom communications.  This makes it a bit challenging to find my students posts to me as I have to filter through other noise to find the content.  I want to stay a part of those social groups, but I want to visit them on my own time rather than intertwining them with my daily work.


            Schoology is another incredible tool that works very similarly to Edmodo, except it has one incredible feature that allows the teacher to post a discussion question to the group - the twist on this is students cannot see all the other responses from the class until they post an initial personal response.  That way you don't have instant piggy backing with the "I agree" statements until initial thoughts are written.  Very cool!


            Google Classroom is a bare bones LMS system that is rather genius itself with the integration of GAFE.  My favorite feature here is if a teacher sends out a document to the students, it can make an instant copy for each student AND Google puts the name on each student's documents automatically.  YAY!!! SO brilliant in the ease of putting digital files into folders as part of it's design.  Talk about a time saver.  It's downfalls are the lack of collaboration amongst fellow teachers (you cannot have a co-teacher in the class) and it will not work with global collaboration.  The only students who can enroll in a Google Classroom space are those who reside within that school district. 


            Does that help?

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              It is such a wonderful learning experience to be a part of this Intel community so others like me can keep up with the information regarding the rich resources on education afforded by technology that are constantly shared by well-experienced users like you. Some places are still apparently not in touch with the real potential of technology in education. In fact, one of the discussions made here is the impact of in-service training on the efficiency of teachers is teaching conceptual understanding. I think that the teacher's lack of knowledge in using the web and the different applications hamper their efficiency in enhancing the learner's conceptual understanding. Most ideas now are so futuristic, so updated, and not so conventional that teaching these require the use of technology to make them more real. I want to explore LMS too. I have never used it but after browsing through several of the LMS online, a very big question ran several times in my mind. Why are we not including training on these topics to our Insets? I am willing to explore this field by myself at the moment and I would be very grateful if any of you will help me through it. Hopefully, when I no longer find difficulty in using it I can also help my co-teachers with its use and application. Thanks for your sharings!

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                Many of the schools in Colorado are beginning to use Moodle as their LMS.  Some of the bigger school districts use Edmodo or Schoology.  The rural school districts are looking at resrouces that will fit into their budget restraints.  I help at a small charter school and have been training them on how to incorporate Google Classroom which they seem to really like.


                It will be of great interest to read what others are using and what LMS will take the lead.

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                  Lots of good conversation here and I see there are other Google Classroom fans. When I first looked at Google Classroom, I thought this is not a LMS. I was wrong. Google Classroom is an extraordinary LMS. It's beauty is in it's simplicity. Deliver instructional resources and activities to students as needed and easily get back evidence of understanding to assess and guide learning.

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                    In our school we have a Moodle instance as well as some teachers using Edmodo and our district or state (in Australia) just releasing Google Apps and hence Google classroom!


                    From what I have experienced the complexity of Moodle and other fully featured LMS has been a barrier for many teachers. When used Moodle was mainly seen as a file repository.


                    Google Classroom as discussed by many others is like a breath of fresh air or as I like to say an LMS on a diet, so simple that it can be explored and deployed by time poor teachers. I am hopeful teachers will embrace this platform and therefore open the doors to transforming and redefining learning in their classroom as it provides a basis for flipping their classroom, more advanced differentiation and individualised instruction as well as the awesomeness of collaboration!

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                        I understand some of the struggles with working in some LMS's.  Moodle is quite easy once one has had time to work within the system.  As with anything new, it does take some time, some experimenting and some reading as well.  I've had great success with moodle for educational courses. 


                        I also enjoy using Google Apps.  It is very user friendly.  Middle School and High School students do enjoy using this system.