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    Followup Discussion to Wearable Technology Webinar 1/27/15


      Thanks to all of you for attending the Intel Teach Live Wearable Technology webinar on 1/27/15.  As promised here are the resources shared from Naomi Harm's presentation and I have attatched the PDF of the presentation below. I hope the provided resources and images can provide you with lots of interesting conversations to have and to take back into your schools about the possibilities of wearable technology in k-12 education. Enjoy!


      Resources and Graphics Sited

      Google Glass and app intro image: http://goo.gl/wlFquf
      Naomi Harm Google Glass: WKBT News, Lacrosse, WI http://goo.gl/XB0lm4

      Hand and touch watch graphic: http://goo.gl/Trrfrr
      Fuel Bands and Actvity Trackers: http://goo.gl/JmPBQu
      Go Pro Cameras: http://gopro.comSMART
      SMART Watch intro image http://goo.gl/Q20OtY
      SMART Watches image: http://goo.gl/UMfic9
      MICA by Intel http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/wearables/fashion-technology.html

      Narraitve: http://getnarrative.com
      Snap Cam http://usa.ioncamera.com/snapcam
      Virtual Reality Gaming intro image: http://goo.gl/spJbsD
      Frog Dissection VRG: http://goo.gl/vlUw3p
      Pinc’s iPhone Case http://hellopinc.com
      Google Cardboard https://www.google.com/get/cardboard
      Microsoft HoloLens http


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