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    Classroom Challenge – 21st Century Careers – Augmented Reality - February 2015




      Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes data over imagery of the real world as viewed through a computer, phone or tablet.


      In the classroom, AR allows you to bring a flat lesson to life by enhancing what we see through a screen. Interactive, 3D lessons created with AR can motivate learners who need a different way of looking at information.

      Image via Elements 4D Interactive Blocks Kickstarter


      This month, our classroom challenge will explore how you can bring your classroom to life with augmented reality. Here are four classroom-ready apps you can use to get started.


      Classroom-ready Apps





      CoLAR Mix


      Elements 4D



      CostFreeFree, with optional page packs starting at 2.99


      DescriptionAurasma lets you "tag" physical objects with videos, animations, or 3D scenes. When a student hobers over the object, they'll see the attachment.Color and see drawings come to life in 3D animations.Learn chemistry by interacting with 36 naturally occurring elements or combine two elements together to see how they react.Digital storytelling tools to create 3D pop-up books
      FeaturesOverlay videos, 3D animations, or images onto the physical world around you, by turning any static reading material into a guided multimedia learning experience.Includes downloadable pages for coloring and printing. Can print your own paper cubes or purchase wooden ones.Share books using hyperlink, embed code. Zooburst contains classroom management feature for teachers to create protected safe spaces for student work.
      Great forAll ages: Aurasma can be used to create and enhance lessons for all age groups.K-5: ColAR Mix is a fun art and technology activity, but will be most exciting for younger audiences.K-12: The Elements 4D website includes lesson plans for all age groups. K-5: Zooburst's pop-up books are best for a younger audience.
      Lesson Tipshttp://tinyurl.com/ka3habfhttp://tinyurl.com/n3hwxbxhttp://tinyurl.com/qdvwmyphttp://tinyurl.com/oecg587



      More Lesson Ideas


      In the table, we included one lesson idea per app, but there are plenty of ways to incorporate augmented reality into the classroom. Here's what other educators are sharing to get you inspired:

      • Download the coloring pages from ColAR Mix and have students learn how to hold crayons and color inside the lines then use the ColAR app to bring the picture to life.

      • Students can use augmented reality to safely conduct Chemistry experiments by virtually manipulating and combining the elements in Elements 4D.

      • Create virtual book reviews with Zooburst. Assignments might include telling stories, delivering presentations, creating book reviews, writing reports and expressing ideas.
      • Create a vocab wall using Aurasma. Pair each student with a partner, and assign them one vocabulary word to define and explain. Have the teams create a short video explanation linked to an index card of the word, and then let the class use the Aurasma app to watch the videos when they hover over the cards.