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    Intel Teach Live- February 2015- How do we Empower and Inspire Young Women?








      View the recorded webinar:


      Intel, Google, Facebook and GirlPower are just a few organizations who empower and inspire young women to become creators, innovators and leaders in the world in which they live.

      As educators, how do we empower, inspire and encourage women to become designers of their own paths?  How do you promote unleashing the potential in their imaginations, support their dreams and cultivate their creativity as well as allow them to venture and discover the unknown?


      Share how you EMPOWER,  INSPIRE and ultimately make a DIFFERENCE!.

      Participate in our - How do you  Empower and Inspire Young Women Followup Thread between February  4 and March 18 to be entered into a drawing for a prize of your choosing worth 175.00.

      Note: This drawing will only become active when a minimum of 10 participants respond, which means in some cases, the drawing will take place after the above mentioned date. For a complete description and eligibility of Engage community drawings, click on the Intel Bunny Person.