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    Acquiring Technology


      How does your district acquire technology? Are you part of a technology committee that influences district decisions?  Did you know that you can find many resources in the Engage Community and the K-12 Blueprint to help your decisions?  Here are a few to check out -

      • Request for Proposal- RFP Toolkit - this toolkit provides resources to help your district create a powerful RFP that will support your technology purchases
      • Choosing the Right Device - Frames questions to consider and provides overviews of the latest technology to help you make informed decisions.  There is also a subsection within Engage  on choosing the - Right Device
      • It's also nice to find and read what other Engage members are using in their classroom and a blog post like 2 in 1 in the Classroom


      What other resources do you used to make an informed decision regarding technology purchases? 

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          I am encouraged to submit suggestions regarding district technology purchases. I find my position is often challenging. I may suggest a "bundle" that includes hardware and accessories. The challenge comes from our district purchasing department. This group often only sees the hardware and price submitted. Their research yields a lower price for the "single hardware item" which they then order. I must often justify "how the entire bundle will help students learn" after submitting purchase suggestions. On the bright side, I developed a relationship with our district technology trainers. They now contact me and ask how a teacher might use a specific technology. I gratefully respond to these requests. I'm even more excited when they ask "What might a teacher use to accomplish ... in their classroom?" Several times my responses have surprised these trainers. I'm glad to have developed a good relationship with them. When I propose a technology purchase to them, I find immediate support. The concepts found in 2 in 1 in the Classroom are similar to suggestions I've provided previously. I appreciate having this document with the concise information it provides.