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    World Radio Day and STEM Mentorship


      This month’s radio broadcast is a two part focus. The first is in the importance of celebrating and recognizing World Radio Day and how to get youth excited about live broadcast journalism and creating and producing their own school radio shows,  and the second portion is  how can we has educators can continue to provide voice and choice with girls and young women in STEM  science, technology, engineering, and mathematics learning opportunities so they can follow and excel in their STEM career driven passions.


      Cick here to listen to the radio brodcast: World Radio Day and STEM Mentorship | The Digital Buzz | Spreaker

      Websites Mentioned and More:
      World Radio website at www.worldradioday.org
      “There Is A MakerFaire in That iPad” http://gettingsmart.com/2014/02/theres-maker-fair-pad-10-ways-create-student-makers-apps

      Women in STEM- United Staes White House

      Engaging Girls in STEM through the National Girls Collaborative Project http://www.ngcproject.org/engaging-girls-stem

      Milion Women Mentors is a phenominal website portal found at http://www.millionwomenmentors.org

      1]http://www.NCWIT.org – Amazing research and tools from the National Center for Women and Informational Technology
      2] MENTOR, the National Mentoring Partnership has some great resources for us all to learn from. The value of mentoring, http://www.mentoring.org/about_mentor/value_of_mentoring be a mentor and their Mentoring Partnership in Pittsburgh developed a great guide.
      3] http://www.npower.org – Sign up here and find STEM related volunteer and mentoring opportunities today on The Community Core.
      4] http://www.Mentornet.net – Outstanding online mentoring platform for undergraduate mentoring.
      5]. http://www.Volunteermatch.com Millions of opportunities!
      6] The FabFems directory is a national database of women from a broad range of professions in science, technology, computer science, engineering, and mathematics who are inspiring role models for young women. The directory is free and accessible to young women, parents, girl-serving STEM programs, and other orgs working to increase career awareness and interest in STEM. www.fabfems.org. The FabFems Project is an innovative online collaboration tool brought to you by the National Girls Collaborative Project.
      7] Girls Who Code or http://www.Code.org – We hear you can also work with a mentee and learn to code for free through the Khan Academy (http://www.khanacademy.org ).
      See video of awesome female role models (many in STEM careers)at http://www.leanin.org
      8] Techbridge (http://www.techbridge.org ) has a wealth of research and resources to help you develop your skills as a mentor.
      9) Go to http://www.millionwomenmentors.org and sign up for Million Women Mentors Weekly and count toward the million by adding your Pledge-to-Mentor.


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          Thank you for these resources!  I love the article Maker-Faire in that iPad! and will forward to my Principal and Tech person.  My campus will offer coding and robotics next year.  You have given me resources to include mentors and volunteers in the mix as we develop and plan our program.