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    Active Learning Spaces and your classroom


      How has your layout or design of your classroom changed due to technology?  Are you creating more active learning spaces?  The K-12 Blueprint has an Active Learning Spaces Toolkit designed to help you think about your classroom and create an environment that will support student success and collaboration. 


      Share your ideas on how you have updated your classroom to support student learning.

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          I would like to think about this area for our school district in a few distinct ways.

          1. Physical needs to take place to accommodate active learning - furniture, layouts, etc.

          2. Instructional shifts it will promote and instructional shifts that need to happen

          3.  Management of the spaces so they stay productive, expectations are set but most importantly the environment drives the want to collaborate and work rather than rules and policies

          4.  Changing they way we define learning


          I think there are many aspects to this but I would like to hear how it works in other places and steps people take.

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            julesfischy I have found major changes to my science classroom are challenging. I need to ensure proper safe space is provided for sinks, glassware, and gas jets. When I began using technology more often, I reorganized the classroom layout. My principal was a little surprised but very supportive of a "non-row seating arrangement." I can utilize the varied classroom arrangement for labs and it encourages collaboration when students use technology. The biggest change I'd like to implement this school year is to create a rubric so students may submit an electronic lab report instead of a paper and pencil report. I envision a variety of digital reports including video and slide show formats. If you or anyone has an idea of someone who has already done this process, I'd love to review their challenges and successes.

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              If  you're attending ISTE, you'll find copies of the ISTE-published   Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Student Success: https://www.iste.org/resources/product?id=3665&name=Get+Active. If you find me, I'll sign it for you! We'll be having a webinar on active learning spaces on Aug. 13 - please join.