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    Mobile Learning


      Dictionary.com defines a mobile device as a portable, wireless computing device that is small enough to be used while held in the hand.  It is also referred to as a hand-held or portable device. Mobile devices may include a large selection of smartphones, PDAs (personal digital assistant), tablets, etc. 


      According to research conducted by Project Tomorrow Speak Up Survey, “The Digital Learning Playbook: Mobile Learning”, http://www.tomorrow.org/speakup/pdfs/SU2013_MobileLearning.pdf, K-12 students use a variety of mobile devices in and out of schools to facilitate academic growth.  These mobile devices are supported by schools, principals, teachers and parents.


      Mobile learning provides teachers flexibility, a way to differentiate, quicker opportunities for interaction, and ready access to information while motivating the learner with engaging and multiple opportunities to confirm the validity of data. With mobile learning empowered student can be more than a “catch phrase”!


      Although there remains some issues with safety to work through, principals, teachers and parents all agree on the value of mobile learning including the following:


      • Provides ways to review information any time (86% Parents, 75% Teachers, 55% Principals)
      • Extends learning beyond the school (67% Parents, 58% Teachers, 49% Principals)
      • Personalizes learning (62% Parents, 55% Teachers, 49% Principals)
      • Motivates and engages the learner (57% Parents, 54% Teachers, 63% Principals)
      • Improves school and home communication (48% Parents, 52% Teachers, 52 Principals)

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      The research clearly shows that mobile learning are connecting family and school and parents are more positive about the importance of mobile learning than the schools.  Now that we know what the research says, what tools and resources can you use to support mobile learning?  Five of my favorite apps for on the go learning is remind 101 to send reminders to students and parents, evernote to allow students to take notes to reference them on the go, and quizlet to study vocabulary, visual ranking tool to analyze date,  and videolicious for flipping the classroom.


      How are you using mobile learning to support your curriculum, empower your students and reach out to parents?