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    Got an answer to a tough question? Intel Teach and the choir teacher...

      Does Intel Teach Essentials apply to every teacher? Are there any good reasons for the choir teacher to implement effective uses of technology in the choir classroom? How about the physical education teacher?
      What would your response be to the following query?
      My district is requiring me to take the Intel Teach Program Essentials Course  during the summer. I am a choir teacher. What research and experience do you have with how choir teachers (not general music teachers or music theory teachers) are using this in the classroom and that it is effective? I am looking at the collaborative element (I have no one with whom to collaborate) and the daunting amount of homework required and I am extremely skeptical.
      The first thing I thought of was the new hit show Glee. They have mini projects and research about a collection of music/artist they sing. Or maybe the answer is the course just doesn't apply well in this situation.
      What are your thoughts?