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    What is your technology integration success story?


      Throughout the K-12 Blueprint you will find a variety of schools and districts that are sharing their successes with technology. Those success stories start in the classroom. I began my journey with technology integration back in 1998 and along the way I have learned many lessons and celebrated many successes.


      An early success that was a GREAT resource for my students and became a HUGE time-saver for me was my first class web page.  I was lucky to team teach science at the time with Shelley Shott together we created a resource where we organized curricular resources by unit of studies and provided a weekly archive of that week in science along with assignments and any relevant handouts or links to resources.Our parent and student community loved our resource and within three years our principal was asking that every middle school teacher or team had a site to communicate with parents and students a practice that is still continued.

      What is YOUR success story?  Has it involved using a specific tool or resource?  Share your story

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          Like you, I began using a class website quite some time ago. Several years ago, I realized the power of the RSS feed and blogs. I changed my parent/student contact format to a daily blog. Rarely do I miss a blog post (sometimes it happens when my computer is sent in for repairs.) Parents comment that they feel connected getting a "push" from my blog with information learned during class that day. Students appreciate how quickly they can identify what we learned when they are absent. One young lady was sick this past Monday. Her mom's email said the daughter was in tears about missing science. I quickly replied and said I would post the work on our class blog. The next day this young lady walked into my room with her completed assignment and said "I understood everything! Thanks for making it so easy."

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            Hi Julia,

            Here is a success story - I am a new technology integrator at a High School in Wisconsin, USA. Being new to the school district, I am working hard to build collaboration and relationships among the staff. Yesterday, we held our first Twitter Chat for our school. It was a great success. We met and voted on a hashtag: #aasdchat and a topic: How are We Using Tech? We also created a quick video showing how to participate in a Twitter Chat. Then we helped the teachers who were interested to sign up for Twitter. Our Twitter Chat was archived and can be viewed by clicking here. The outcomes of our Twitter Chat are yet to be known, but one thing is for sure, everyone enjoyed the conversation and we grew closer as a school and district.  Our next Twitter Chat is already being planned and we can't wait to do it again.