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    May Activity - Create a 21st Century Classroom Comic and Share with Us


      Vanessa and I would like to thank all that participated in last month's Think Tank Activity, Tag! You're Virtually It, and we are excited to introduce May's activity.


      In this month's Intel Teach Think Tank Activity, you will have the opportunity to win a Mino HD Flip Video.


      First, let's take a walk down educator memory lane....Remember what it was like in your field of education before 21st Century skills were introduced?  What were your typical experiences?  What activities were students doing?  What did professional development days look like?

      Now let's fast forward to post 21st Century skill introduction.  How are things different?  How are teachers incorporating these new skills?


      The objective is to share examples of educators or students in a before and after 21st Century learning setting using a comic creator.


      Here's the task:


      Create a Two-Panel comic strip giving a before and after view of how things have changed since you've become a 21st Century Educator.

      Here are a few before and after suggestions to get you started

      • A classroom lesson
      • A professional development opportunity
      • An instructional demonstration
      • Questioning strategies
      • Assessment strategies
      • Print vs digital resources
      • Collaboration ideas
      For a complete list of the 21st Century Skills, you can download the attached .pdf file from the Intel Teach Elements: Project Based Approaches.

      We have also provided a list of comic creators and other comic strip ideas, check out this discussion.
      We look forward to seeing your comics and gathering new ideas to further achieving our collective goal of becoming inspiring 21st Century Educators.
      Note: Same drill as before, all who respond to this thread will be entered into the drawing. We can only ship the prize within the US. Drawing will take place the first business day of June.