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    How do you keep your district Tech News Positive?


      On the K-12 Blueprint Elliott Levine recently shared the blog post Avoid Technology PR Nightmares in Academia where he shares 9 Rules for keeping negative issues with technology out of the news. These are great tips and I think that many districts can learn from them. 


      What do you do to promote the positive technology happenings in your district? Do you blog?  Share via social media?  Share with local paper?  How do you share technology success with your community? 

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          My district encourages schools to share "good news" with local media. There have been several stories showing how students used technology to do something that engaged their learning or was "different than regular school learning." With 55 elementary schools, 12 middle schools and 10 high schools - this means sharing information of about 70,000 students. In my school, I blog daily about what students did in class. I've had parents share this with co-workers. I had parents tell me this is how they start a discussion at dinner with their student. I wonder how most eMINTS schools share their great technology news... dougemints and JulieSzaj could you share ideas with us?