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    Engage 1:1 Webinar: Activating Student Voice


      In this interactive webinar, Phil Stubbs shared ways to activate student voice. Participants had a chance to engage with each other in discussion and offer feedback using a tool called Verso Learning. Phil shared many beliefs around learning and what he believed to be the critical meeting point of the work of leading educational thinkers including Alan November -Who Owns The Learning?, John Hattie -Visible Learning, Carol Dweck – Mindset and Michael Fullan - New Pedagogies For Deep Learning. He included some other lesser known educators who are definitely worth learning more about. Having a growth mindset is essential to learning.


      As teachers we ask about 300-400 questions a day and about 80% of these are surface level questions. Watch this webinar and reflect on your own teaching practice. What pieces of this presentation resonate the most with you? Why?