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    New Members Start Here! (April-June 2015)

    Bonnie Feather

      bunnyatwork_small+(1).jpgWelcome to all new members! "New" simply means that you have not yet introduced yourself!


      Intel Education programs are expanding worldwide and improving education in many countries. This Engage Community is a place for educators from all over the world to find resources and like-minded educators.


      Please introduce yourself here and tell us a bit about your education duties. Will you be using  Project-Based Learning in your situation? What are some challenges you experience in your teaching? What is the education system like in your country or state?

      We here at Teachers Engage are very excited about some upcoming changes to be unveiled in 2015. We are busy planning and creating new content we hope will be relevant and useful to you. Stay tuned and come back often! Badges are now available for certain activities and the badging will be growing! Earn and collect badges for your work and expertise! We hope you participate in many areas of the community and "Like" those discussions and posts you find interesting! Visit the "About Engage" area, and especially the blog area. It will keep you up with featured content each month. Be sure to search for your areas of interest using the small search window at upper right. Keep your eyes peeled for a new blog especially created for new members.


      One way to find others interested in the same educational topics and questions is to start your own discussion. Look for the link on various pages to start your own discussion, and be sure to check back to see who has responded to you. One way to increase the likelihood of conversing with another member is to use their name with the @Mention feature. Click the link at lower right (@Mention) and type their name- click on them inside the popup. Then they will know you have an interest in similar areas.

      Did you notice the "Bunny Person" image? Any time you see that image at the beginning of a discussion, it means that the discussion is incentivized. There will be a great prize drawn at the end of the time period. All names of those who introduce themselves in this discussion will be entered in the drawing! Prizes are not awarded until at least 10 different participants are in the discussion, so look for discussions which have not yet had much interest!


      I encourage you to read the post on Gamification and Engage. It's new for us here! You'll want to work toward badges as you work in the community!


      There are many Groups within the engage community. You can start a group of your own or join one already in progress. Watch a video at this link to learn more about how to join a group.

      To read new member discussions from our community's past, click here to visit the archives.

      Welcome! Please don't hesitate to contact me any time you have questions regarding the Engage Community!

      ~Bonnie Feather

      Moderator, one of many here to help you!

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          Hello Bonnie,


          It´s seem I´m the first here this month...maybe a bit late! I I believe I found Engage Intel in newsletter from Edutopia.

          I´m Miguela Fernandes IT teacher from Portugal for the last 20 years and also teacher training for the last 10 years. I teach in Agrupamento de Escolas da Batalha, a small village in the Center of Portugal, with a very nice Monastery of the Dominicans, build in 1385.


          I´m also an eTwinner and ambassador, I´m part of a community of 300 000 teacher in eTwinning. A community of teacher from Europe. developing online projects with students.

          In Portugal teacher have in average 24 hour of class per week and most of our teacher training is done at night or weekends.

          One of my classes this year is from Vocational Courses and I´m with them 8 hours per week.

          My classes are very special students because most of them are not motivated to school. Most of my students have from 15 to 18 years old. I have to teach them the curriculum but in a very different way. I always need to find strategies to engage them...It´s very challenging!

          So this is one of the reasons I´m here to learn more and find ways to engage my students.

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            Hi Bonnie and also Miguella,


            Greetings from Indonesia !

            I'm Nur Tri Aries Suestiningtyas, just call me NUR. I'm science officer from leading research institution in Indonesia, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) in Jakarta. I've been working for 20 years doing my tasks as science officer including research collaboration and science promotion. Now I'm very exciting since last year, I have new responsibility to handle science fair in Indonesia, science youth camp and other science education and research program for youth and teachers. Linking and engaging education and science in my country is very challenging. Our national priorities is currently on education but not yet in research. While education and research are very interconnected especially for better future. 

            It's very good opportunity for me to participate this engagement, to see what the updated progress on education and how I could contribute to exchanging views based on my experience in research institution.


            Looking forward to have a fruitfull discussion here



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              Hi  and Namaste Bonnie

              Myself Anupama Sharma from India.

              I am an IT teacher for last 13 years and currently teaching ICT to secondary classes in Ahlcon Public School-the best school of East Delhi.

              I just enjoy the teaching and learning new skills .


              I find Intel Engage very interesting and useful tool for the teachers to share and know about everything related with digital education and other classroom problems.

              I am happy to be a part of Intel engage .

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              • 4. Re: New Members Start Here! (April-June 2015)

                Hello Nur,


                You have a very challenging task, but science and research are very important. Students need to learning it.

                In our school some of the students have to do reports about some science experiments, but usually they don´t like it because they need to write a lot.


                Nice to meet you here.

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                  Anupama I´m very happy to find an IT teacher her.


                  I´m trying to learn about what other countries teach in ICT. What age are you students? What do you teach?


                  Thanks a lot

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                    Hi  Bonnie

                    I am archana from India.I have been teaching science for over 30years now

                    .I would like to learn more about use of technology in education and project based learning

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                      Welcome from another science teacher. I teach middle school science (ages 12-15.) In the Intel Engage community, I post a monthly discussion called "STEM Snacks." the most current snack is STEM Snacks – What ONE teaching method will you modify? which relates to technology and change in teaching. Other snacks are focused more on ideas for teaching science. Please feel free to visit and comment on these discussions.

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                      • 8. Re: New Members Start Here! (April-June 2015)
                        Bonnie Feather

                        Hello miguelagf


                        You sound like a very busy and dedicated teacher! I'm glad to hear you found the community through an Edutopia newsletter. I hope that you have some technology to help you engage and motivate your students!


                        Thanks for introducing yourself here!



                        • 9. Re: New Members Start Here! (April-June 2015)
                          Bonnie Feather

                          Hello, Nur!


                          Science fairs are a great way to stimulate students to higher learning and accomplishment. I think many in this community would be able to discuss the topic with  you. I encourage you at start a discussion (look for that link) on science fairs. I'm wondering what the guidelines might be for students? How is the fair structured at the local school level and the higher levels? I'm going to alert Glen Westbroek (glen_w ) to you so he can show you some of the STEM areas in the community!



                          • 10. Re: New Members Start Here! (April-June 2015)
                            Bonnie Feather

                            Welcome Anupama!


                            ICT classes seem very prevalent in India. Can you tell us a little about your students? Are the courses open to any student, for instance? What is the career goal of your students and what ages are they?


                            Thank you for introducing yourself here! You might want to look at our new gamification focus, and you can read a bit about it here: Gamification and Engage



                            • 11. Re: New Members Start Here! (April-June 2015)
                              Bonnie Feather

                              Welcome, ARG26 Archana!


                              Along with glen_w's suggestions regarding STEM topics, I suggest you take a look at the Gamification and Engage post. It's new for us in the community, and we are eager to see how members feel about it.



                              • 12. Re: New Members Start Here! (April-June 2015)

                                Hi Everyone,

                                I am Bron Stuckey and educational consultant from Australia https://about.me/bronstuckey @bronst working in and about the global virtual world. I have been engaged in educational community and gameful practices in learning development for the past 15 years.I worked to explore virtual worlds, games in learning and how we can cultivate identity, agency, citizenship, leadership, and community. I earned my PhD in researching the core factors supporting successful online communities of practice. In that research I examined in depth the development of communities across many sectors; e-government, enterprise, military and not-for-profit. I have applied those research findings when consulting in the design of adult learning communities and workplace communities of practice. I have also co-designed and coached in the Foundations of Communities of Practice Online Workshop with Etienne Wenger, founder of the concept. This workshop inspired new community designs and supported workplace community developers to bring their personal projects from idea to viable product and to address concerns and roadblocks. http://cpsquare.org/edu/foundations/


                                Since leaving lecturing and learning design in the higher education sector (UOW, QUT, UWS) my research, consultation and design have been in gamification and game-inspired designs for professional learning and communities of practice. Most prominent of this work was the gamification (badges) and community design of the PLANE professional community. PLANE was a $5.5 million dollar project and a flagship of the Australian Digital Education Revolution.


                                But enough about me, I am here to learn along with YOU!


                                ~ Bron ~

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                                • 13. Re: New Members Start Here! (April-June 2015)
                                  Bonnie Feather

                                  Hello, and welcome BronSt !


                                  We are happy to have a person with your expertise here! I'm alerting Marshal Conley (mdconley57) to keep an eye on your posts and questions.


                                  Also, please read his post on the Gamification and Engage components just rolling out in Intel Engage! We'll be interested in what you think!




                                  • 14. Re: New Members Start Here! (April-June 2015)



                                    One of the best resources for science fairs is the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair International Rules and Guidelines. The link is for the ISEF 2015. Here in the Intel Engage community, I post a monthly discussion on STEM content. These all come under the title of STEM Snacks. One of the most viewed is Stem Snacks – Accurate Measurements. This discussion provides information most helpful for students under the age of 15. There are many other STEM Snack topics. If you have a topic you think should be included as a STEM Snack, feel free to let me know!

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