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    Technology Integration Ideas - like, comment, rate


      Have you taken the Intel Teach Essentials Course or the Intel Teach Thinking with Technology Course? If so then you might be familiar with some of the ideas found in theIntel Education Idea Showcase


      If not no worries the Showcase contains great lesson plans that have been created by teachers around the world. You can filer by subject, grade level, type, theme or even Intel Tool. Some of my favorites are:


      Of course there are others- that I like.  Have you used any of these lessons? What about adapting them and using an idea that is similar?  Take advantage of the new community features - and like, rate and comment on the lessons.

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          I can't believe you didn't include my favorite, Density: Got Gas?

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            Bonnie Feather

            I love the Idea Showcase! I'm glad you are highlighting it now since it's no longer on the dropdown at the top of the pages for "Go Directly to..." Since I spent my teaching career in the primary grades, I especially like the ability to drill down in it. I just checked "K-2" and "Seeing Reason" tool. Oftentimes primary teachers don't quite know how to use that sophisticated tool with the smaller students. The "Getting Along" unit showcased is a great one!


            While we're talking about these units, I want to emphasize that teachers don't have to use the entire unit. Since they were developed by a team of teachers to include tons of possible activities, there are generally more in each than teachers have time for. Choose the activities which meet your own needs and just use those! This is also a good way to being exploring project based approaches. Choose a few activities, have success with them, then build them into larger units which can meet more of your standards!