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    STEM Snacks – What ONE teaching method will you modify?


      AdobeVoice.jpgI just returned from my state's education technology conference. As I attended sessions, I pondered on my teaching practices. My goal was to leave the conference with ONE idea I could use in changing my classroom teaching. In each session, I looked for that “one idea.” I soon found I had a list of options and would have to decide on a single thing to change. I realize that if I made multiple changes, I would have a greater challenge with implementation.

      I attended one session where we used Adobe Voice. deb_norton mentioned AdobeVoice in the In Case You Haven't Heard . . . blog post. This app allows for quick presentations with images and voice-over. As I created my own Adobe Voice presentation I realized students could use this tool and create a multimedia lab report. I now need to determine what I expect students to include in such a lab report. Once I identify the components, I need to create a rubric. I also think I should provide a demo report showing students the concept. I do not want students to just “copy” my example, but I think they will do better with a visual example.

      Please carefully consider and respond to the following questions. (I have found great power in sharing ideas with others.)

      1. As you reflect on your subject and classroom, what is the ONE idea you have for changing a teaching method in the coming year?
      2. How will you implement that change?
      3. What challenges do you anticipate?
      4. How will you recognize success during implementation?