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    Mentioning and Connecting Users to a Discussion


      A feature that has been available in Engage for awhile is the @Mention feature. Until recently this feature has been under utilized.  What I love about it is that you can mention people and ask them to respond, share or engage, or call them out as an expert.


      Are there other ways you have used Mentioning in Engage?


      If you are unsure of how to mention another user go  to @Mention found at the bottom of all discussion replies and comments.



      You can also add a link and use the search features there to add another user to your discussion response.

      Select Add Link


      Then search All Content, refining your search criteria to look for a user and anytime they may have been engage in the community.



      Using the @Mention feature is easy if you know the person's avatar or their user name but if you didn't know that and you just knew their name from comments in the community I recommend the search feature. Most people see me as Julia Fischer - but my username is julesfischy


      Hint: you can change your user name in your profile.