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    Which READers are poster-worthy?


      Let me take a minute to quickly introduce you to the Lit Chicks....Three gals who love reading and who want to share that passion with this community! We will be using this account to share with you amazing reads that not only inspire us but that will also get you excited about integrating them into the curriculum. I hope you follow our posts and share with us your enthusiasm for literature!


      Your literary chicks are: Susansusangauthier , Shannonsmersand, and Julie JulieSzaj so I guess you can say this account has multiple personalities!


      Before we discuss any books let's talk about our reading environment. A school library can be a magical place but one of my favorite things to see in school library are the READ posters. American Library Association (ALA) has posters featuring recognizable people or characters reading ALA Store   Celebrity READ Posters . The premise behind these visuals are to get students excited about reading. If they see Taylor Swift reading then maybe it is cool and they would read too! Many libraries have adapted the concept to include their staff reading and also reading a book of meaning. An example would be the school coach could possibly be reading a Sports Illustrated magazine. I have also seen schools with community leaders on READ posters. It is so popular and for the little ones you might see a Pete the Cat or Fly Guy READ poster. So my question to you...If you could put anyone on a READ poster then who would that be and what would they be reading. To start you off....


      1. I would like to see Dr. Who (the 10th doctor of course) on a READ poster reading The Time Machine by H. G. Wells or

      2. I would like to see my new  school district superintendent reading a book about the importance of school libraries


      So you can be as specific or general as possible but just have FUN with it! Who do you think is poster-worthy?