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    Are You Using an RSS Feed Aggregator?

    Bonnie Feather

      I have been searching for a way to keep track of new posts on Intel Engage. I read the following two posts: Using RSS to Enrich Your Life and RSS Option 2: Using an RSS Reader. I generally use Chrome as my browser, so I clicked on over to the store and installed the RSS aggregator to my browser. This was all instigated when I found a page last night that I had never used before. Tonight I had a hard time remembering where I found it!


      Lots of RSS feed addresses for Intel Engage are on this page: https://engage.intel.com/community/feeds?community=2005 If you (like me) want to know how to access that page, simply enter one of the areas ( went to the Engage Hub from the "Communities" link at the top of the page. Then on the right side in the "Actions" area, I found the link to the RSS feeds. I copied and pasted in the links I wanted to follow.


      Let me know if this is a useful thing to you! glen_w, yasserrs2003@hotmail.com and other moderators, are you using the feeds?