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    APP SLAM! (Appy Hour...)

    Bonnie Feather

      Several years ago, Intel Engage was full of great discussions which went on and on and on- because that was where members shared their favorite tools, gadgets, and apps. Now that apps have permeated our world let's have a new place to share the latest favorites.


      Please tell is if the app is one you use mostly for students, teacher prep, or personal purposes. Then explain why you like it. Is it a browser app (like an extension or add-on) or is it used mostly on a phone? We'd love it if you can provide a link to the app's website- though we know we'd often be purchasing or downloading the app from an app store.


      I'm eager to hear about all the apps you are using out there!


      Be sure to bookmark this discussion or follow it so you can easily return and read the latest submissions!


      And don't forget to read deb_norton's SLAM!  discussion here.


      Let the fun begin!




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          Sounds like fun!  Would users also add what platforms the apps work on?  For Instance are you aware of all the Intel Apps for Teaching and Learning?  Some are free, some are on Windows, some are on Google and some are on iOS. 


          I still think one of my all time favorites which is easy to use and integrate is Visual Ranking.  If you haven't seen it check out how to use the tool and visit Visual Ranking Tool to look for lesson ideas Intel Education Idea Showcase looking forward to follow this discussion

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            We just had an mini App slam in my science department meeting this afternoon. More information will be provided when I can condense it.

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              Our science teachers shared how to "force a copy" in Google Docs, Adobe Voice, and Adobe Slate. All members of the team enjoyed the "slam" and my sharing of Adobe Voice was the clear winner. On the bright side, all participants wanted to use all three apps.

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                Review for Quizizz


                Quizizz - url - Quizizz: Fun Multiplayer Classroom Quizzes



                Quizizz is an online site that allows teachers to administer multiple choice questions to students.  It is good for both formative assessment and scoring for evaluation.


                Major characteristics:

                1. The questions are randomized.  If 30 students in your class take a test, there will be 30 different orders of questions.

                2. Teacher can set time limit per question between 5 seconds and 5 minutes on each question.

                3. Teacher may activate meme after each questions (e.g. Captain Kirk saying "You are right.")

                4. There is a class ranking to the student provided after each question.

                5. There an be a separate numerical ranking of students according to how quickly the student answers the question

                6. It is student paced questions.  Each student moves on to the next question when they are ready.

                7. Teacher receive results in a savable spreadsheet

                8. It is very colorful

                9. It is very easy to use


                Following is a url comparing Quizizz and Kahoot - Quizizz | Smore

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                  Review for Kahoot


                  Kahoot - Kahoot! | Game-based blended learning & classroom response system


                  Kahoot is a group based formative assessment tool.  By group, I mean that all students move through the same questions at the same pace.


                  It is very easy to use.

                  It is very engaging.

                  It can be loud, student reaction to results shown on screen


                  Tech tuorial for Kahoot - Kahoot! | Smore

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                    Kahoot is a lot like a gaming quiz! I agree that it can be very loud and engaging. I like the ability to include pictures for a question or answers. I think such opportunities allow questions at a deeper level than DoK 1.

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                      Any tine we can use pictures or quotes we can move to higher order thinking questions.  Within an engaging environment, that is a significant poisitive.

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                        Update: My students were doing a Kahoot quiz during class today. Our principal and an aide both walked into the room. He followed the instructions and used an iPad, the aide pulled out her smartphone. After lunch, my principal said he did not normally see so many engaged students during a quiz. One of the interesting facts of this period is how many of those students spend time in the principal's office for discipline reasons. We discussed how engaging activities help students focus on their learning.

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                          This is an extension, not an app - but I am loving the send from gmail app aI found out about at TCAE a few weeks ago. I love not having to navigate between tabs, but click a button to share a link.

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                            Rubina Jahangir

                            *Concept Mapping

                            *• Bubble.us: An easy-to-use concept mapper

                            *Creately: A more sophisticated mind-mapping tool with a large variety of export options

                            *Online Discussions

                            *TodaysMeet: A simple online discussion tool. Create a room and invite participants to

                            *respond through text. Registration not required.

                            *Scribblar: A more advanced online collaboration space with tools for audio and

                            *whiteboard sharing; registration is required

                            *Publishing Tools

                            *Edublogs: A student blog site designed for education; supports video, audio, and text


                            *Weebly: A simple tool for creating a free class Web site or blog

                            *SimpleBooklet: A tool for students to create and share Web booklets

                            *Oral Communication Tools

                            *• Audacity: An online tool for recording and editing sounds

                            *• YouTube EDU: A popular site for uploading and viewing recorded video content

                            *• Google Hangout: Use audio, video, and text to chat with others online in real time

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                              You just saved me SO much time!!! I'm always switching between tabs or windows to send links I find useful. I added the extension before I replied to your post (that's how awesome I think this one is!)

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                                This is a nice list with many excellent tools. At this afternoon's training, another teacher and I are using Google Hangout to do a Google App / Extension SLAM. I wish we could use more of the awesome tools you reminded us of in this list.

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                                  Rubina Jahangir

                                  Thanks Glen

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                                    Hopefully this will save you some time too. I also recently learned that you can change users in crime without signing in and signing out. I'll be in the right-hand corner of your window you'll see your username. If you're like me and have multiple cram accounts switching people makes it 1000 times easier to navigate between the accounts.

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