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    User tips and hints!

    Bonnie Feather

      I'm putting this discussion here instead of in the "About" Engage area. Though there are many great posts in the "Content" link of About, I'm not sure members are finding them. A few recent posts have been really helpful to me regarding the new Gamification and other navigation in the community.


      So, I'm planning to aggregate them here to make it easy. I'll try to provide links to the original post in discussions so we can read the entire context of a hint.


      Please feel free to add your own tips and hints! If you find others in discussions, please feel free to post the link and the hint below, or if you like, just send the URL or your information to me in a direct message.


      Here's your first tip: Using Direct Messaging: Click the dropdown arrow by the PENCIL in your blue navigation bar at the top. Scroll down to "Message." Type the recipient's name, then click on the correct name as a link.

      Another way is to hover over a person's linked name, and click "Message."


      Is there something you are having trouble with? Reply to this discussion with your question, and I'm sure someone will provide you with a tip or a link to an existing tip!



      I'm calling out vkajones, dougemints, NaomiHarm, susangauthier, and JulieSzaj  to see if they have tips to add to the discussion!