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    What are some Current Models of Professional Development?


      I'm curious as to what different models of professional development are being delivered in your schools as of late? Since we are in the business of conducting professional development on a daily basis, I can share that we have been moving away from traditional face to face, all day sessions, to shorter more targeted professional development opportunities. Some of these PD opportunities are coaching and modeling during a lesson, and others are about being flexible and offering online or afterschool support sessions.


      I'm not looking for an exhaustive list of different PD models but rather, what are one or two models you have delivered or participated in and what have you found most interesting, challenging, or surprising about them? This is a good opportunity to have a voice and talk deeply about one model or another. I know vkajones susangauthier holmesg julesfischy NaomiHarm glen_w smersand deb_norton MrsSmoke and others can comment on! Would love to hear your stories. Please tag others that you know if I've missed someone! Thanks!