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    How well are you "canoeing" educational technology?


      The blog posts on the K-12 Blueprint do a great job at giving different perspectives in the latest from Leslie Wilson with the One to One Institute she compares education technology initiatives to canoeing. When I read her blog post Canoeing Illustrates a Need for Harmony | K-12 Blueprint this analogy clicked.


      Staying afloat, maintaining balance, lead forward and staying on course connect to the many challenges with implementation of a new technology initiative.


      What are you doing in your classroom, school or district to find your harmony?


      Dan Morris, susangauthierholmesgdeb_norton, blancaedu, heatherlogicwing What have you seen with schools and educators you are working with? 

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          What a great analogy, and well said. I am so glad she did not compare to the Titanic, all polished and shiny, the slightest bump in the path, found its way to the bottom of the Atlantic. The canoe although need to find its balance to find a smooth ride if it capsizes, can be saved and salvaged for a second chance. Sometimes technology you have to try it and find what works best, and most of all you have to step out of your comfort zone and take a risk but still find the right balance.

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            One aspect of Canoeing that is often overlooked is the stability at capsize. Even when filled with water and difficult to move, one can cling to a canoe and survive. In my opinion, as a teacher who must follow district guidelines that limit student online work, I have the ability to help my students move forward. We might move faster with more appropriate tools or rules, but we are progressing.

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