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    Distracting Technology?


      This article points out the danger of constant access to technology to learning. I doubt if there are too many K12 teachers who are in favor of the idea of letting students use their personal devices any time, but I think there's something we can learn from this article about any kind of multi-tasking that involves learning. For example, do students have their phones at hand ready to respond while they are working on school work either digitally or with print media? What are the consequences of that kind of behavior.


      Why a leading professor of new media just banned technology use in class


      Some of the ideas I found the most interesting in this article, in random order, are--


      • Multi-tasking is a kind of procrastination, but with instant emotional gratification for putting things off.
      • Social media communication is more accessible and interesting than deep-level studying of complex topics. And it is the business of social networks to constantly remind us to stay involved with their interaction.
      • Technology can promote focus, as in when we get so involved in doing something with an app or device that we are not distracted at all by outside influences.
      • In a face-to-face environment, technology distractions are like second-hand smoke! People who are not engaging with devices are distracted by those nearby who are!


      I think this article is interesting and I'd love to hear what anybody has to say about it.