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    So You Want To Be A Game Show Host


      Happy Friday Engage Educators,


      I am in the midst of creating a new content and strategy-based game series on "So You Want To Be A Game Show Host" and looking for inspiring ideas, suggestions and insights from all of you to help drive this new initiative in Engage. Sooooooooo........


      What tools, resources or apps do you have in your digital toolbox that are truly unique, and you would be willing to share or contribute an idea to support active learning and engagement if you were a game show host in your classroom and WHY?



      Many of us already know that it takes a lot of creative work and gusto as a theater presence as an educator to keep your kids engaged in the learning process, but small cube.gifhow about we add another feather to your cap with a fun and creative twist..... and title of know being a "game-show host?"  I think this will energize our teaching practices, adding an element of fun, surprise, laughter and creativity in our teaching practices. Better yet..... it will add excitement, engagement, problem solving skills and game-infused learning to enhance your students day to day learning tasks. I am hoping this new game-infused initiative will support and build a community of learners with your students by activating team building skills, collaboration, active listening, critical thinking and a little friendly competition to keep it interesting.


      Thanks for your contributions to make something great as a global learning team! And looking forward to julesfischy and yasserrs2003@hotmail.com and vkajones and holmesg and tlmaves and KellyBFitz and ProfWhitby and bigmonocle and ProfWhitby and rubinajahangir1@gmail.com and dougemints and blancaedu and many others to share their inspring ideas!