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    Classroom Challenge – Connecting School to Home – May 2015




      School and home relationships benefit the school, home and community.


      Effective school and home relationships is critical to the academic success of students.  Families can provide insight to the child’s disposition, learning style, family life, educational goals, etc.  The school can use this information to create strategies and opportunities to provide the best education for students.

      The educational effect of a positive school and home relationship is it brings in volunteers, provides classroom materials and resources, creates a more informed community and supportive families. A successful school and home connection communicates to students that they have a team of adults working together to provide them with the best possible education.

      Teachers must do their parts to make this connection work. This includes reaching out and letting parents know that a need exists. This can be done with a blog, webpage, newsletter or other web presence. This month’s challenge will focus on resources and strategies for making a school and home connection.

      Here are four apps, and a few lesson ideas to help you:



      School and Home Connection Apps










      OverviewSimple online sign up sheets.Easily schedule events, meetings, appointments, with students or parents.

      Organize and run mobile scavenger hunts.

      Create stylish, fool-proof newsletters in minutes.
      • Create unlimited sign-up sheets
      • Add items, times or tasks
      • No login required
      • Share link through, email, facebook blog, newsletter or website
      • Automatic email reminder sent two days prior to event
      • Connect your calendar and keep track of polls
      • Start and answer meeting requests
      • Show available meeting dates and how you can be contacted
      • Can be used online or on mobile devices
      • Create missions and point values
      • Track real time photo feeds and ranking of scavenger hunt players
      • Set length of game
      • Choose to run game with or without password
      • Free version up to 10 teams per game
      • Create unlimited games
      • Pre-designed templates
      • Detailed stats in real time
      • Send flyers to mailing list
      • Share on social network sites
      • Add links, images, videos, and text
      • Email reports
      ExamplesSupply listParent ConferenceThe Challenge of EducationCharlotte Hawkins Brown

      How Can You Encourage a Home and School Connection?

        • Create a list of supplies needed for classroom. Share it with parents.
        • Schedule parent conferences to discuss student progress in class.
        • Create a list of concepts studied. Parents volunteer to speak on topic based on their expertise.
        • Create scavenger hunt to introduce parents to student schedule.
        • Event sign up
        • Room parent sign up
        • Book fair volunteer sign up
        • Reading list for students

      Lesson Ideas

        • Students select from a list of famous people to create biographies
        • Use Doodle to allow students to schedule presentation dates and times to demonstrate mastery of lesson taught
        • Use Goosechase to introduce students to school and staff
        • Create a help list for students needing assistance on concepts discussed in class
        • Create a list of peer tutor volunteers
        • Use GooseChase to create a formative assessment challenge
        • Create classroom newsletter to communicate with parents and share students' artifacts of learning

      Your Challenge

        • Do you think building a home-school connection benefits students' academic careers? Explore the resources shared in this month's challenge. Provide your thoughts on the resources and share strategies, tools, etc. that you are using to make home and school connections.
        • Learn how GooseChase works by replying to this post with your email address. I will email you directions for participating in "The Challenge of Education" activity. Join the fun! After completing the activity, return to the thread and share an activity that you would create for your classroom, school or community.