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    "Tag - You're It" - Learning Spaces Global Communication Thread!


      inspired-learning-spaces.jpgThere has been a lot of discussion around the topic of learning spaces in K-12 education, and how much the physical environment contributes to the success or setbacks of our students learning. Brain research is a critical factor that we should be paying close attention to - as it provides the optimal learning pathway of how to set up our physical and environmental learning spaces for all students to succeed. Have you been having these discussions in your schools around brain research, growth mindset and learning spaces? Have you recently done a redesign or recreation of learning spaces in your school? Have you included your students in this redesign process?


      If you had an opportunity to recreate or redesign your physical space in your classroom- even if it is just one small corner- what would you do and why? How will it make a learning impact with your students? How will it improve your instructional approach as an educators? How will it add learning value to your over all space? How will you know it is truly making a learning difference with each and everyone of your students?


      Please share your critical insights of how you are focusing on the whole child to improve the critical teaching and learning spaces through brain-based teaching research, growth mindset implementations of discussion, and your celebration of redesign of learning spaces. Please include a visual literacy redesign photo or digital artifact to extend and enrich the learning in this "Tag You're It" global collaborative communication thread.


      Tag you are it vkajones yasserrs2003@hotmail.com julesfischy holmesg tlmaves KellyBFitz bigmonocle celiabalbin ra-jahangir@heliumm.com ProfWhitby after you have reflected and included a visual literacy redesign photo or digital artifact to this post, tag five more people in your response to keep the chain of sharing of resource events flowing in. If you break the "Tag You're it" chain of sharing of resource events.... you will have 7 days of bad luck. :-(


      Here is a learning spaces resource: Designing Learning Spaces for A Creative, Collaborative Future.pdf - Google Drive

      A resource on creating innovative learning communities on space and growth mindset The Third Teacher +

      And lastly, a "The Gift That Keeps on Giving" presentation on top 10 brain-based teaching practices NCTIES Closing Keynote.pdf - Google Drive


      Greatly looking forward to all the resources that will be contributed to this  "Tag You're It" global collaborative communication thread.