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    Stay within the lines...or not!

      I am sure you are aware of the new craze (thanks to buzzfeed) and that would be adult coloring. I have spent the last few weeks in Barnes and Noble book fair shopping and I could not resist but I picked up several coloring books, markers (the smelly ones) and of course pencil colors. I have had an amazing time reconnecting with my youth by coloring mandalas, zebras wearing hats and ties and of course zentangle artwork. Who says that coloring is only for 10 year olds! Did I mention that I am 10+36 years old I do get some strange looks when I pull out my coloring supplies at a Starbucks but I also get some huge smiles too!


      I was excited to see that kfcmanck@gmail.com had already posted some really cool zentangle artwork in the community. See his Korean student's work here The specified item was not found.. He also posted some pics of zentagle  images here zentangle images coloring If you are not familiar with zentangle then check out this site to familiarize yourself with this super cool art Zentangle | https://www.zentangle.com/


      My local newspaper is getting in on the action by posting a coloring contest so that is what I am working on today! Whhheee!! They created a Louisiana themed coloring page. See the pic but please ignore the photo-bomber. It is hard to get a pic with her snout not in it!



      So here is my challenge to you. Why not color something and post a pic for all to see...let's face it your mom won't be hanging it on her fridge so let your virtual friends celebrate your artistic side. Ok...so you might be saying C'mon Susan I am not going to buy a coloring book...so why not color something online like the sheets at Free Online Coloring Pages - TheColor It is free and you have nothing to lose except some stress! So I would love to see your colored pages, great coloring websites or anything colortastic you want to share. Gotta go...my Crayolas are calling!