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    STEM Snacks: The other domino game


      Dominoes.pngI enjoy providing my students with the challenge of experimenting with common materials. Using 28 dominoes, my students are asked to create a straight line of using all the dominoes along the length of a meter stick. This becomes their control. They are invited to draw two different variations of domino layout that will result in the dominoes falling quicker. Students are also invited to draw two variations that may cause dominoes to fall slower. Students are allowed to practice and test each of their designs. We set up a classroom competition for how quickly (or slowly) all 28 dominoes will fall. I am amazed at how some students explore different “domino structures” as they attempt to set a class record.


      Students are invited to use cameras (or a digital device) to record their dominoes falling. I encourage them to record video of their experiment. I explain that cameras (including phones) are typically set to 30 frames per second. They are able to get an exact time for how long their dominoes took to fall.


      Consider the students and content you teach. Please share your ideas on the following:

      • How could you modify this activity to fit your content and/or students?
      • How might you encourage students to try and set up their dominoes differently?