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    Science Books Can Be FUN!

      The content focus for May is Science. I cringe a little when I think of non-fiction books in a school library. Why you ask....non-fiction is always the most needed for weeding and I always found cobwebs growing on my non-fiction books. I would tell my students they were left over Halloween decorations-LOL!


      Let's face it...our students do not come in a library and run to the 500s. It is all about fiction (at least it was in my middle school library). The push to common core did increase the amount of usage in my non-fiction stacks. I found that I was spending more time looking at the age of my non-fiction collection and searching for high interest books that my students would read. We offered a variety of science classes like robotics and marine biology so I knew the science section was a collection development focus for me. I found that students LOVE books on simple experiments they can conduct at home.


      One of the favorites was Science Experiments That Fizz and Bubble: Fun Projects for Curious Kids Science Experiments That Fizz and Bubble: Fun Projects for Curious Kids by PhD. Wheeler-Toppen | 9781429654258 | Hardcov…  Easy to find materials for fun experiments like soda shooters, bobbing blobs, and foaming fountains ...uh can you say huge hit and especially with the boys.



      Some of the activities in this series (yes, there are more books)  reminds me of glen_w's Stem Snacks this month where students are challenged to experiment with dominos STEM Snacks: The other domino game.


      What types of science books do your students read? How do you get students interested in reading about science concepts?