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    What Is Your Life Long Learning Bucket List?



      Ok the question of the century- what is on your life long learning bucket list?  You may have many items on our bucket list but what is one thing your want to experience to enhance your learning to contribute to a life long learning fulfillment? I want to be fluent in another language and am tapping into the resource of Duolingo Duolingo | Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English for free as it is an app and online resource and proven to be more effective than Rosetta Stone. Good friend mahmoud.abdelaal noted the Duolingo platform allows for gamification and the point system is called lingots, ok this sounds so intriguing.


      Theresa Maves, tlmaves K-12 Training and Social Media Manager at Intel Corporation, recently met the developer of this language tool at Intel ISEF event in Pittsburgh, PA Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2015 | Student Science




      Ok ultimate question: What is your life long learning bucket list item to fulfill and WHY?