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    iPods and MP3 players in the classroom-your thoughts.

      While posting on another thread about music and student achievement, a thought crossed my mind about using iPods and other MP3 players in the classroom.  During my last year in the classroom, my students were working on a project that required them to upload music from the iPod.  It was amazing the hoops I had to just through to use that tool for one class period.


      Do any of your districts allow the players in the classroom?  Have you had any expericence with them in your classroom?



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          Hi Neil,

          We have used ipods in lots of different ways in our schools. One middle school used the ipods to create podcasts of their campaign speech for student government and then posted them on the school server so students could listen to them. They also had a bank of computers at the voting area so people could listen to the podcast before the voting. They thought that some people ran for office because they didn't have to give a speech in the auditorium like they had before and they felt more people listened to the speeches in this format than they did when they did it in the auditorium.

          Another 4th gr teacher used them with her students when they were studying immigration. They interviewed students and staff that were born in other countries to learn more about why the immigrated to the US. That ended up much better than anticipated. The students didn't realize how many staff and students were born in other countries and led to some great discussions and understandings.

          A middle school class used the ipods to create podcasts on book recommendations for the library. The recommendations were also posted on the school server so students could review it before they went to the library.

          One of our band teachers used it with students to record the students playing the music and looking for ways to improve and also to advertise for an upcoming concert on the website.

          These are just a few of the many ways that teachers have been using them. It has been a big push in our area.

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              JoAnn, what great ideas.  When I was a band director, I would have loved to have been able to use the iPod or something similar with my band.  What a great idea.  I was also intrigued with the middle school that used the iPod for creating podcast with the students campaign speeches.  It is heartening to know that there are areas that are embracing these tools.  Keep us posted.


              Thanks for sharing these.



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              We teach an iPod Touch academy at our service center.  Teachers who attend the course receive a Mac laptop and 5 iPod Touches to use as a learning center for the students.  They can use them for student-created podcasts, ebooks, recording student reading, lectures, etc.  These courses have been extremely popular amongst our districts, and usually the enrollment is full.

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                Bonnie Feather

                I've been playing with a couple of cool musical instrument apps on my itouch.  I have Ocarina (really cool), Leaf Trombone (I love trying to play a slide instrument in tune!) pocket guitar, and Drum Meister.  I went ahead and got Drum Meister for the ipad, so the set is larger.  Then I purchased a mini amplifier on Ebay and now I'm all set to blast away!  I am thinking of tuning the guitar pentatonically so they can play along in any way they want without learning chords...



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                    Bonnie, you're always one step ahead!  Good for you.  What a great idea to tunw the guitar pentatonically.  Never thought of that.  When you got your iPad, did you get the less expensive (that's what I would probably do LOL) or did you "level up"?   Do you think there is practical application for the music teacher? Would this replace instruments in the classroom for the general music teacher, or would this just be another tool?


                    I would love to see what it can do!