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    What Is Technology?


      In the latest blog post from Kevin Schwartz on the K-12 Blueprint Today's Student and Technology Relevance- he poses the question what is technology and how is it relevant to each end users.  What do you think?  Check out his blog post and share your thoughts on how you define technology and it relates to technology initiatives that you support.


      In the work that you are doing with districts do you see technology defined differently heatherlogicwing,, NaomiHarm, vkajones, blancaedu, cgardne, TimNielsen

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          I slightly disagree with Kevin's stance that to use technology effectively in the classroom you must have experts who are trained in technology and can integrate it into curriculum and pedagogy. I often see teachers who "try something" with a technology they are not trained on. It is rewarding to see how their use reinforces curriculum and is based on sound pedagogy. Such individuals may "stumble" as they try things they are less familiar with. Have you observed less technology trained teachers adding to their curriculum and pedagogy with technology?

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            I agree with you Glen.  Sometimes if I have listened to so-called experts in the field, who really had not clue at all.  Many of those so-called experts had  never in a classroom setting, but were being labeled experts.  I'd much prefer to listen and gain information from one who was and had been in the trenches of education.  I have gained so much from those people who have worked with students, who understands the students' background, what makes them excited about learning, and can share with technology works the best.   When I was evaluated, I always tried something new and challenging to share.  It might have been a piece of technology equipment or even a great website that I had run across.  I wanted that chance to try something new, to experiment and to share.  Without that time to experiment, how can we move forward? 

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              I agree we do not need experts to integrate.  However, many adults are still struggling with incorporating new learning (both low tech and new devices) in their curriculum.  I feel that as an educator of young learners...they are consumers of technology and I must stretch myself to incorporate all modes of technology, including simple machines.  That is why I love and advocate for STEAM at my campus and in my district.  As students become more proficient, they become producers and can use technology to create and document their own learning.  As I learn about new technology, I can not believe in my lifetime I would witness such advanced learning and devices.