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    Ten Tips for Personalized Learning via Technology from edutopia

      Bonnie Feather sent me this link and I wanted to share it with everyone.  In this day and age of smaller technology budgets, here are some great ideas for using different types of technology.  Some are free and some aren't but they are all great ways to integrate technology into the classroom.


      I would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to look at the ten tips and share with the community how you are using these tools in YOUR classroom.


      Here is the link--Ten Tips for Personalized Learning via Technology from edutopia



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          Neil - thanks for sharing - personally the tip that stands out the most is remembering to be FLEXIBLE.  Sometimes no matter how detailed your plans are something goes haywire and you just have to take a step back and roll with it.


          I plan on sharing this with the pre-service teachers that I work with.

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            Thanks for sharing this article.  I like point number 2 - Gather and Use Immediate Feedback on Students' Understanding.  I do training on Promethean Activotes and Activexpressions.  Many teachers in our area have used these to assess students throughout each lesson and say that it really helps them adjust their lessons according to their students' needs.  Before beginning a new topic, the teachers will survey the students to see what they already know.  Then, they quiz them during the week to see if they've grasped key concepts and vocabulary, and ask them at the end of the week if they feel confident being tested over this content.  Students give very honest answers because they know their response is anonymous and they won't feel embarassed in front of their peers.  One science teacher said that these devices have really helped her save time by not re-teaching things her students already know and catching weak areas before they are tested on them. 

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                Shannon, how right you are.  Many times teachers will continue to teach a skill even though the vast majority of the class understands it.  They don't have the knowledge about assessments.  As I have stated before, there are those in the classroom that simply give a summative assessment over a topic on Friday and then move on to something else.


                One of the many reasons I love the Seeing Reason tool is that the teacher and student can collaborate inside the tool without others knowing what is being said.  No one needs to feel embarresed because thier answers are confidential-just between the student and the teacher.


                Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



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                Bonnie Feather

                While a number of these resonate with me, I'm going to settle on #5, Practice Independent Work Skills.  Teachers sometimes forget the importance of repetition and practice with directions.  This can cause frustration!  I know I need lots of practice when I am trying to establish a new habit, and at school we are sometimes starting from scratch, and other times we are trying to change a pattern of behavior with technology that has been established at home .  So, this is good advice- keep on practicing and being consistent if you want students to learn new ways of taking care of independent work.


                I wonder if it would help to establish behaviors of handling equipment and assignments which would carry on to higher grades?



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                    Bonnie, thanks for sharing the tips.  It never hurts to reinforce the fact that we must teach our students to become independent learners and thinkers.  Unfortunately, there are still a few in our profession that don't understand that.  I would also bet they haven't taken the Intel Essentials or Thinking with Technology trainings either.  :-)