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    Intel Teach Live- May 2015- The Dangers of App Overload



      Register to attend our webinar Tuesday May 26 @ 7:00 pm CDT.


      Here’s an App…. There’s an App...Everywhere there is an App, App. There are Apps for Digital Storytelling. There are apps for doing voice-overs... playing games, attending webinars, problem solving, and playing instruments to name a few. There is even an app for diagnosing your health.


      Are you experiencing App Overload? Should you put a limit to your App Collection?


      How do you pick and choose the essential apps? What are essentials apps? What about the apps that you use in the classroom? Are they really essential?  Do you use apps to assess your students? Again are you experiencing App Overload?


      Between May 21 and July 20th,  partake in our Dangers of Apps Overload Mission to earn 100 points toward a Webinar Badge (more details coming soon)

      You must complete ALL the actions related to this Month’s Webinar Follow-up Thread to receive 100 Community Points.

      The Mission Title is Intel Teach Live May 2015, and it’s worth 100 points.


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      Let the mission and sharing begin!

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