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    Reaching More Women on She will Connect - Through Innovation


      Being an implementing partner for the she will connect Program, we identified a gap in making sure there is quality in the training of the program and we came up with an answer in the for of a portal. We identified that since there are many trainers teaching the course and all have different approaches, some quality was being lost and so i was tasked to come up with something that would 'fix'. this.

      Being a programmer and a trainer of the Learn Easy Steps Curriculum, i came up with an online solution, (Find it at this address Intel® | Learn Easy Steps ).


      The portal does not eliminate the need of a trainer, it works  to enhance the experience of the student and help them get online which is the main aim of the She will Connect Program. Students are introduced to the portal as soon as completing the Introduction Internet and Email module. The portal is Created Wordpress Engine and is highly dependent on Buddypress. It is divided in the various modules of the course for effective learning and at the end of the course, the students do an online exam and later certified. The exam is fairly easy and most students pass.


      I would like more feed back as to how i can make it better and help us achieve our objective of having 5 Million Women online in Africa.