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    Rain Rain Go Away, Come On Back Another Day


      Rainy Day May Greetings,

      It is raining and raining all day in Southeast Minnesota today. I am busy working on my May Assessment radio broadcast, but need some sunshine to wake up my creative senses. Does this happen to you too? How do you make the best of rainy days to bring back creative inspiration to make the most of your day when you are stuck in doors all day?

      Here is one idea to share with you today on this rainy day I found as I took a brain break from writing my ideas to produce my radio show.

      It is called SWAY - a Microsoft resource to create amazing digital projects with a remix from social media content and be played back on ANY mobile device. Office Sway - Create and share amazing stories, presentations, and more Here is a video clip of the many features. This truly made my day to provide more web options to teachers and students! Do any of you know more cool presentation tools such as this that are NEW, FREE and EXCITING in 2015?