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    STEM Toys For Girls To Ignite STEM Careers


      I am truly fascinated about the new types of STEM toys being designed for girls to get them excited about potential STEM careers. It is amazing as we look back through the generations of how girls and boys are creating with toys that influence their imaginary senses, and creativity with building and constructing. What a better focus to finally allow for toys to be creative with STEM  for girls. When our grand daughter Madelyn Ann comes to visit, we make sure we take out the bins of building blocks, Lincoln Logs and You Hue Kids Art Laptop Desk etc. We want to expose her to as many learning experiences that are NOT traditional stereotypes as "girl toys vs boy toys."


      I came across these two recent kickstarter programs.First one is called Linkitz: Smart, code-able friendship bracelets by Lyssa Neel, Ph.D. —  From the website Linkitz: Smart, code-able friendship bracelets by Lyssa Neel, Ph.D. — Kickstarter here is the description of what this is and the capabilities to impact girls with new learning toy tools:  "Linkitz comes in a kit with a set of links and accessories. Each link offers a unique

      81nMl7hOH+L._SX450_.jpgcapability. There are sensors, like a microphone and an accelerometer, and outputs, like a speaker and lights.By assembling links and using them in different combinations, we want a generation of young girls to grow up seeing technology as a tool that they can use to create things, rather than something they passively consume." And the second one is called Romminate Roominate 2.0: New Smart Toys to Inspire Girls in STEM by Maykah Inc. — Kickstarter

      Where girls can design, program, and control a model world or a single room in a home. Their focus is every girl is an artist, engineer, architect, and visionary!


      I think toys like these are and will be the wave of the future, but still I want to emphasize the importance that we need to expose our girls to toys that are typically stereotyped as "boy toys" to create and construct to form new projects and amazing ideas-  such as the erector sets, KNEX, new Mighty Makers by KNEX for girls, good old fashion tree forts or tree house for kids, and STEM toys that are unisex.

      QUESTION: What new toys have you seen that are particularly targeted at girls with a STEM focus in your country? Would enjoy seeing the toys across many continents to see similarities and differences, and the educational approach and response to introducing girls to STEM in education. Thanks for your shares everyone!