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    Creative and Engaging Mobile Assessments for Active Learning


      track progress.pngIn this radio show Naomi Harm will be engaging you with mobile DNA (Device Neutral Assessments/Apps/Activities) with Chrome and iPad Apps, and Web 2.0 resources to collect data, and use this feedback to check for student understanding during the instructional process, and to make adjustments to their instruction as necessary. These formative assessment practices will provide students with clear learning targets, examples and models of strong and weak work, regular descriptive feedback, and the ability to self-assess, track learning, and set goals to support a personalized teaching and learning environment for each and everyone of your students.  Creative and Engaging Mobile Assessments | The Digital Buzz | Spreaker

      Examples of learning that will take place during the Creative and Engaging Mobile Assessments radio show:

            * “HOTS” questioning techniques and examples to engage all learners
            * Intro and exit Tickets, quick writes, interactive gaming polls
            *  Flipped teaching strategies embedded with video question sets
            *  Time allowed to build authentic mobile assessments to use in your classroom

                                                                     *  "BLOOMS” collaborative learning and digital project activities

                                                                     *  QR Code creation and techniques to differentiate assessment delivery

                                                                     *  SAMR Model with student/teacher integration examples.

      I have attached the Mobile Assessment slides for followup resources, Creative DNA Assessments resource guide, and an Ask 3 Be 4 tip sheet. For more ideas tap into the assessment disscussion thread on

      "What is your best go to assessment app or resource?" for more ideas: https://engage.intel.com/message/145703#145703


      FOLLOW-Up QUESTION: How do you inspire curiosity, innovation and excellence in each and everyone of your students and/or staff with mobile assessments, and what new mobile assessment will you now try from the May Digital Buzz radio show to capture student learning?