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    Classroom Challenge – PD Launch – June 2015



      The school year is nearing an end and it is time to begin planning for the year ahead. What does that mean?  Time to plan! Creating a professional development plan is crucial to professional growth.  It is your blueprint for designing a new school year, a creative classroom, a new you and new strategies to empower students.  It is your opportunity to reflect on a past school year’s goals and objectives and create a vision for the future. 


      So you reflected on the year, determined your strengths and weakness and identified your professional growth needs.  How do you address those deficits and where do you go to find professional development that aligns with your professional and personal needs?

      Professional growth in preparation for a new year is not only important for the teacher but the students as well.  So, just as teachers must include their professional growth in their blueprint, the student growth should be considered as well.  This includes providing parents and students with resources to encourage them to continue the learning process during the summer months. This month’s challenge will focus on online courses and resources to support your professional growth plan. Get ready for a PD Launch!

      Header 1Elements CoursesMobyMaxMOOC EdVirtual University
      OverviewSeries of courses providing deeper exploration of 21st century learning concepts.K-8 curriculum and teaching system with progress monitoring goal setting, fluency practice motivation tools.Leading online directory of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) K-12.Online classes offered by leading universities, nonprofits and everyday people.




      • Moving into Mobile Learning
      • Creativity in the Mobile Classroom
      • Designing Blended Learning
      • Inquiry in the Science Classroom
      • Thinking critically with data
      • Project Based Approaches
      • Collaboration in the Digital Classrooms
      • Educational Leadership in the 21st Century


      Lessons/activities in:

      • Math
      • Language Arts
      • Literature
      • Reading
      • Writing
      • Games
      • Contests
      • Vocabulary


      Course database

      • Cambridge University Press
      • Canvas Network
      • Coursera
      • Deeper Learning: High Tech High
      • How to Teach US: High Tech High
      • Khan Academy
      • Learn Zillion
      • My Education Key


      Course List

      • Applied Science
      • Art, graphics, photography
      • Bus & Economics
      • Computer Science
      • Earth & Space
      • Education
      • Global Studies
      • Language
      • Literature
      • Mathematics
      • Writing, Grammar
      Professional UsePrepare for effective transition to common core standards and digital teaching and learning.Provide students with resources to work at their own pace during the summer to stay current or to advance learning.Explore the course list from universities and other academic MOOC Ed programs to strengthen areas of weakness.Select courses from gateway of global e-learning resources and connect with users to support professional development plan.
      TutorialElements CoursesMobyMaxMOOC EdVirtual University


      PD Launch

      1.   At the end of the school year send home letters with MobyMax student login instructions.

      2.  Design a professional development plan to enhance digital teaching and learning.

      3. Students use MobyMax to review, re-mediate, and to advance learning

      4. Register for courses that align with weakness based on past year reflection and PD plan template.

      5.  Create and or edit lessons to reflect strategies learned from PD


      Lesson Ideas

      1. AASL Transforming Learning Lesson Plan Database

      2. Curriculum Pathways

      3. Education World

      4. Learn Zillion

      5. Scholastic

      6. ShareMyLesson

      7. Teaching Channel


      Your Challenge

      It’s summer!  The school year is almost over.  What can you do to make parent connections to prepare students for a new year and obtain new strategies, knowledge and resources to meet your professional and personal learning needs?   Try taking the four step challenge below:

      1. Register students for MobyMax and send home a letter to parents with instructions on how students can continue academic growth. 
      2. Select courses from INTEL, MOOC list or Virtual University to align with your professional development plan.  Add the courses to your plan.
      3. Take one or more of the courses from your list to prepare for the new school year.
      4. Return to the discussion thread and reflect on your course, sharing lessons learned and how this knew knowledge will affect change in your classroom.

      Look for Shannon’s Cut to the Core to learn additional tips on how growing professionally can support your understanding and better implementation of the Common Core Standards.  Read it to continue your professional education journey!  Don’t forget to take the challenge!