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    Thinking Innovatively


      In David Jakes blog post - Thinking Outside of the Box, v2.0 he talks about being innovative and what it might take to help move your school or district forward.  Do you agree? 


      For example many years ago our computer teacher got married and was moving out of state. Instead of hiring a replacement we(myself, another collegue and sshott) asked our principal to let the science teachers take over the lab so that throughout the year we could have a week at a time to do technology integrated projects. We had to show that we were still spending time on basic computing skills but instead of some students have the computer elective we were able to give all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students 6 weeks in the computer lab each year. We ran this program for three years before the district said we had to have the same electives as other schools.  What this program did was get others excited about what students could do with technology if given the time. As a school we started getting creative as to how we could pull other computers together to make other lab and how we can schedule them so that they were utilized to their maximum potential. This really set our school ahead of others regarding technology integration and something I am glad that I was a part of many years later. 


      So how do you challenge yourself to think innovatively?  What are some inovative initiatives that you have supported in your school or district? 





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          Buen día.

          Te comento algo parecido ocurría en mi país Ecuador, acá lo que se realizó  como política de estado es generar proyectos de colaboración e integración profesional docente de esta manera se generó policitas de uso en cuando a dictar clase de informática actualmente ya no hay acá sino que se lo ve como un eje transversal a toda las disciplinas.

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              I have worked with my (tell me if this sounds familiar) science team to identify ways we might use technology differently. Students create electronic posters instead of making a poster on paper. We have combined forces to write grants so we obtained share devices in our classrooms. We schedule device usage on a Google Doc and move them between rooms as needed. We enjoyed hearing student comments throughout each week that they felt they were learning science better In my opinion, the bigger result was having only two students earn an "F" grade in all our classes at the end of second semester. (Both students were absent over 50% of the time.)


              The positive responses from other teachers came as they asked me or my fellow science teachers what they might do to engage students with technology. My principal said he had several teachers ask if they could write grants to provide more devices in their departments. (I have my fingers crossed that change is on the horizon.)