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    A New Protocol for Sharing Resources


      Part of what makes a community strong are the ways members help one another. Here in Teachers Engage, we share ideas, personal triumphs and struggles, and useful resources. We value resources sharing so highly that we’ve designed multiple badges requiring it. Show & Tell and Lesson Planner both award points when you share lesson plans, units, and other educational resources with the community.


      We have so many fantastic posts sharing resources, which is really awesome. The problem is that some of these posts contain resources, but no credit to the creators. This oversight makes finding other tools, articles, and such by the same people very difficult. At their worst, these posts suggest the poster is the creator, which is a form of accidental plagiarism we’d like to avoid in our community. Another problem we’ve observed is that the posts are not always clear about how and why to use the resource.


      That’s why we’re implementing a new protocol for sharing resources. You can ignore this protocol, but doing so may lead to your post being removed. Also, only posts that follow this protocol will earn and keep points toward badges.


      The Protocol

      1. Title and Citation. When you post a new resource, please start the post with a clear title and a link or other citation so that everyone can easily find the original.

      2. Blurb. Please include a short (think 1-3 sentences) description of the resource so that everyone knows what to expect. If the resource works best with a certain audience or for a specific user, please include that information here.


      3. Pros and Cons. Then, give your colleagues a couple reasons to use the resources and at least one caveat. Being able to identify a flaw or challenge not only demonstrates thoughtfulness, but helps your colleagues decide whether the resource truly fits their needs.

      4. The Resource. Finally, if the link is not sufficient, please share the resource.

      Note: If you’ve shared resources in the past, please go back and edit them to fit this format. We’re not grandfathering posts in, so you could risk losing points or a badge if you do not revise your posts.

      Challenge: Create an example post using this protocol in the comments. If others have posted examples, let them know how well you think they followed the protocol and, more importantly, how and why their post would be useful to you.

      And, for bonus fun, when you create your example, make up resources that don’t exist, but you wish did and pretend you’re sharing them with your colleagues.


      Thank you so much for all of the resources you’ve shared so far and all the ones we hope you’ll continue sharing in the future. We really think this protocol will make the posts sharing resources more valuable for everyone and will help make our community even better and stronger than it currently is.